The Goal  of Administrative Justice System Reform

The goal is to have a System comprised of Adjudicative Tribunals that are:

Unjust by Design by Ron Ellis

Expert, optimally competent and implicitly independent; 
Admired on all sides for the impartiality and quality of their decisions;
Respected for the fairness, fitness, proportionality, and timeliness of their process

Originally launched in March 2013 in alignment with the publication of Ellis’s book, Unjust by Design, and redesigned and refreshed in 2019, this website’s aim is to foster discussion and provoke action concerning the issues in Canada’s administrative justice systems – the issues which Unjust by Design addresses, of course, but also generally.

Anyone with a stake or interest in the administrative justice system or in any of its adjudicative tribunals is welcome to participate.  Just click on the “Comment” button at the end of each posted article.

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HERE ARE THE KEYNOTE FEATURES OF THE MODEL ACT AS REVISED AND EXPANDED IN THE “FINAL VARIANT” . [The keynote features that are new in the Final Variant are identified by bolded script.] You can view the Model Act here.  The Model Act is intended to be the mainstay of…

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An Administrative Justice Fix – A Model Act

Experience in recent years has reminded us of the fragility of justice in administrative justice systems when they find themselves in the hands of governments that see adjudicative tribunals as vessels of partisan power and patronage opportunities. That experience has again demonstrated the need for foundational, quasi-constitutional legislation that excludes…
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Tribunal Justice Survey

Tribunal Watch Ontario is working with the University of Waterloo in conducting a survey of advocates with significant experience dealing with one or more of Ontario’s adjudicative tribunals on behalf of clients during the period March 31, 2019 to March 31, 2021. If you are such an advocate, they would…

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