Unjust by Design

My name is Ron Ellis, the author of Unjust by Design,
published by UBC Press, and this is the website referred to in that book’s “Invitation to a Discussion” (fourth page in).  I will be the site’s administrator.

The  website’s goal is to be an active forum for discussion, argument, and comment pertaining to Canada’s administrative justice system’s challenges – those that Unjust by Design addresses, of course, but also generally.

(The book’s image has been inserted here to reassure guests who have arrived at this site in response to the book’s invitation, that they have come to the right place.  It is not intended to suggest that the site is only about the book.)

The participants I particularly hope to attract to this forum are people with a stake in the system.

These, of course, include chairs, vice-chairs  and members of judicial tribunals (or, to use the more common terminology, adjudicative tribunals);  chairs and members of regulatory agencies; members of the bureaucracy; politicians;  lawyers, paralegals, and community legal workers with experience in acting for users of the system; academics in the fields of both law and political science; students in either of those fields; and, of course, individuals and business that have experienced the system as “parties” before particular tribunals, or who can anticipate that role in the future.

Naturally, I am interested in hearing readers’ reactions to Unjust by Design and I particularly invite readers who disagree with it on important points to weigh in with contrary views or arguments.  I also hope that readers with supplemental information or other insights or opinions pertaining to the system’s issues, or with reactions to the incoming comments, will find the time to participate as well; in short, please join the conversation.

Logging In

Please note that to participate in the site – to join the conversation, as opposed to simply viewing it – you must be a registered user and log in with a pre-authorized user name and password. The log-in link is at the bottom left of every page.  See below. 

If you wish to participate anonymously see below.

To apply to register and obtain a user name and password in the ordinary course go to the contact page.

Participating anonymously

Recognizing that there are often sound reasons for potential critics of the administrative justice system – or of the book – to be reticent about making their views public, I would invite anyone with those concerns, to read our policy re Conversing anonymously.