The Goal  of Administrative Justice System Reform

Adjudicative Tribunals that are: expert, optimally competent and implicitly independent 
Admired on all sides for the impartiality and quality of their decisions 
Respected for the fairness, fitness, and timeliness of their process

Unjust by Design by Ron Ellis

Originally launched in March 2013 in alignment with the publication of Ellis’s book, Unjust by Design, and redesigned and refreshed in 2019, this website’s aim is to foster discussion and provoke action concerning the issues in Canada’s administrative justice systems – the issues which Unjust by Design addresses, of course, but also generally.

Anyone with a stake or interest in the administrative justice system or in any of its adjudicative tribnals is welcome to participate.  Just click on the “Comment” button at the end of each posted article.

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Ellis’s Latest Posts

Adjudicative Tribunals – Ocean Port or the Rule of Law

As we ponder the question of whether the Ford government’s assault on the security of tenure of adjudicators in Ontario’s administrative justice system is constitutionally valid, and await the decision of the BC Court of Appeal in Walter v. BC[1], a reminder of the constitutional argument would seem to be…
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Parkdale to close!!!

While the Ford government is busy destroying the independence and impartiality of our administrative justice tribunals, it is also wreaking havoc with the legal aid services on which much of the advocacy before those tribunals depend. Now comes news that … Parkdale to close!!! Read More »
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Administrative Justice In The Ford Era – No. 3 In The Series

In this, the third post on Ford’s administrative-justice policies, the topic is the remedies that would present themselves were it found that, notwithstanding Ocean Port, the unwritten, constitutional principle of judicial independence does apply to adjudicative tribunals – a proposition at issue in current appeal proceedings in Walter v. BC.
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Administrative Justice in the Ford Era – A System in Crisis

After Harris, Ontario’s administrative justice system had become a generally admired system. This post describes the features of that system as it existed pre-Ford; outlines the retrograde policies that have been introduced by the Ford administration; and projects the consequences that will surely follow.
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Government Disability benefits – Conflicted Adjudication Needs Fixing

Disability Benefits Conflict Eliminatus A Call For Conflict-Free Initial Adjudication  The Conflict Problem The organizations that administer statutory disability benefit programs are also the organizations that adjudicate the claims for those benefits.  And it is self-evident that in their statutory … Government Disability benefits – Conflicted Adjudication Needs Fixing Read…
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