Could you let me know the news?

If you are not comfortable joining the conversation on this site, even anonymously (and four months into the site’s life, and over 4000 visits later, apparently nobody is), could I at least enlist you to keep me (Ellis) apprised of news or new development in the part of the administrative justice system in which you are engaged or interested?  

The site is not looking for administrative law news generally – not in developments in the standard-of-review law, for instance – but only in events or developments or judicial decisions, or news items,  which impact on, or throw light on,  the system’s issues – particularly, perhaps the structural issues I have addressed in Unjust by Design.

Whenever you become aware of any such events or developments or decisions, or news items, I would be more than pleased if you would e-mail me notice of them at my personal email address:  

I may feature that information  on this website, but I guarantee to keep the source confidential. 

(And don`t hesitate because you think I will probably know about it already, or that someone else will have told me.  I would be delighted to receive multiple messages about the same thing.  That way, the site will be sure not to have missed anything, and the evidence of interest that such multiple messages would provide would be a definite morale boost.) 


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