Administrative Justice – the 10-year appointments cap but, first, AN APOLOGY

It has been over a month since I last posted anything for you to read and I want to apologize for the delay.

Heaven knows it is not that on the subject of administrative justice system reform there is nothing to write about, but distractions piled up during the last month, and I could not find the time.

I am going to try and do better, beginning with today’s post on Ontario’ disastrous 10-year appointments cap.

The apology is directed to the site’s visitors who are also site readers, and I am assuming that of the 17,000 visits to the site since it opened in March 2013 and the 300 or so visits recorded in the past month there will be a number of people who have visited and also read; although, to be honest, one cannot really be sure given that the feedback has always been virtually ‘zero’.

I agree, the last paragraph does sound a bit “needy”.  :o(


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