Administrative Justice in Workers’ Compensation – Post #2 – Biased Medical Opinions?

Doctor Claims Medical Opinion Led to Her Dismissal

Another in the Ontario workers’ compensation series.  (For the introduction to the series, see Post #1  referenced below.)

The Toronto Star reports that a doctor is suing the Ontario WSIB and her former employer WHCS (Workplace Health and Cost Solutions), one of the Board’s external providers of medical opinions.  The suit has been filed in Ontario’s Superior Court and is based on the doctor’s allegations that she was fired when she refused to deliver a medical opinion that suited the WSIB.

The report is by Star Staff Reporter, Jaques Gallant, and appears in the Star’s September 23, 2015, issue at page A4.

Readers may find the email references in the latter part of the report of special interest.

As the Star says, none of the allegations has been proven in court and neither the Board nor WHCS have yet to file statements of defence.

The Star reports that both organizations deny any wrongdoing and will be moving to strike much of the doctor’s claim in Court on October 26.

Stay tuned.



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