Administrative Justice – Thin Skull Law, and Thin Skull Abrogation at the Ontario WSIB, TWO MEMOS ON OFFER FREE OF CHARGE


Copies of the following two memos by this author may be obtained at no charge by an email request addressed to

(1) An 11-page memorandum describing the law governing the thin skull doctrine in its application in Ontario’s workers’ compensation system (with supporting jurisprudence cited and quoted), and

(2) a 13-page memorandum in which the Ontario WSIB’s abrogation of the thin skull doctrine is tracked, line-by-line, in the Board’s  five most relevant Operational Policies

Use the subject line “Memos” and a two-word message -“Please send”.


Requests and responses will be treated as confidential messages.


The author makes no copyright claim, and/or waives any copyright claim, in respect of the memoranda, and the recipients of copies are authorized to use the memos or their contents without attribution.


The offer also comes, however, with the author’s disclaimer of responsibility for any errors or omissions, a disclaimer that will be deemed to have been accepted when a request for copies is received.


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