Administrative Justice – If the Chief Justice is not safe, Who is? Bill C-31’s Chief Administrator?

In light of the recent attack by the Prime Minister on the Chief Justice of Canada, the Calgary Herald has gone back in its files to find other examples of the fate of holders of “independent” positions who have made decisions the Harper government did not see as according with its interests.

For the sobering list, see:

The reminder comes at an interesting time for the Bill C-31 restructuring of the federal tribunals and the crowning of the new Service’s Chief Administrator as the Chief Executive Officer of our  tribunals – a Chief Administrator who will be appointed by the cabinet to serve at pleasure during renewable five-year terms.

Given the Chief Justice precedent, how long do we think the Chief Administrator would last were “his” or “her” tribunals to begin accepting more claims than the government thought desirable?  How long would the Chief Administrator think he or she would
last ??


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