Unjust by Design goes upmarket

LRC – The Literary Review of Canada – reviews Unjust by Design

In its June issue (page 28-29), the LRC published a two-page review of Unjust by Design, written by Toronto lawyer Bob Tarantino.  It is a positive review in which the author offers  only two suggestions: one, that I write a second book on the same subject but suitable for the non-expert public, so that we can have a proper revolution; and two, that I give particulars of what happened in Quebec that justifies my exempting that province from my general criticism.

I have no second book planned, but I may explicate my position on Quebec in these pages in the near future.

Thank you Mr. Tarantino, and the LRC editor, for your interest and for an unexpected but very readable review in such a venerable publication.  It was fun.


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