Now this is really interesting – A Framework of Excellence Against which to Measure your Tribunal

On the Canadian Council of Administrative Tribunals website ( one now finds an invitation to tribunals to participate in a Department of Justice pilot project designed to examine how Federal administrative tribunals measure up against a Tribunal Excellence framework that originated in Australia and New Zealand.  Tribunals are asked to complete a standard survey consisting of 82 questions organized under the following eight topics:

  1. Independence
  2. Tribunal Leadership and Effective Management
  3. Fair Treatment
  4. Accessibility
  5. professionalism and integrity
  6. accountability
  7. efficiency
  8. client needs and satisfaction

While it is presented as a survey to be taken by the tribunals themselves, one can see from the topic headings that it is obviously a survey that parties appearing before a tribunal or their representatives could take themselves – thus giving a tribunal information as to how its community of users would measure its state of excellence against this framework of excellence.

And while the pilot project is seeking the response of Federal administrative tribunals, it is a survey that is clearly pertinent to measuring the state of excellence of Ontario adjudicative tribunals, such as the Human Rights Tribunal.

The Survey  may be found here:



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