Administrative Justice Capology – Capping an Adjudicator’s Years of Service: Can we Think of a Reason? – NO!


My October 8, 2014, posting on the cap issue, was intended to be satirical – sarcastic, even; and my list of “21 Reasons for Capping an Adjudicator’s Service at 10 Years” was intended to show that any reason one could possibly think of was either nonsensical or unprincipled.

From some of the responses (I do get some direct to my own email –, it is clear that not everyone saw it that way; my career as a satirist is, therefore, you may be pleased to hear, over.

Apologies, everyone!

So, now, read the October 8 post again – this time read it as an apparently poor attempt at satire – please!


PS. For my long-standing position on the importance of having no limit on the number of reappointments (other than a failure to perform to reasonable standards) see Unjust by Design, Chapter 5, page 261, “Terms of Appointment”, and also page 117.

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