Again, for those who may not be keeping track, the following url is a wowser.

Main Points:

The SST Chair reports that the Tribunal’s backlog now stands at 15,000 appeals and there is no way to estimate when that backlog can be cleared.

It would appear that the Tribunal is not capable of dealing with the appeals even at the rate which would hold the backlog at that point.


This is a broken system.

Can I ask the litigators out there: does the legal system – the rule of law, the Charter, the Bill of Rights  – not have a remedy? Perhaps a class action for malfeasance in public office?  Not against the Chair (who is apparently doing the best she can) but against the Minister, the cabinet, the Prime Minister, the Crown (I am sure Elizabeth II would not approve – David?)

There are thousands of disabled individuals relegated by this government breakdown to a life of undeserved misery for untold years – an unknown but substantial number of fore-sure suicides – all because this government in its unseemly drive for a surplus will not get its act together.

This is not Canada; this is third world stuff.

Where are Canadian lawyers on this?  Where is CCAT? Where is the Auditor?  Where is Trudeau? CALL THE POLICE!  … Whoever.   C’mon! Surely we’er not going to allow this to continue??!!.

And I just happened to remember this:



 It is hereby recognized and declared that in Canada there have existed and shall continue to exist … the following human rights and fundamental freedoms, namely,

  • (athe right of the individual to … security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;

  • (bthe right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law;

 Every law of Canada shall … be so … applied as not to abrogate … or to authorize the abrogation … of any of the rights or freedoms herein recognized and declared, and in particular, no law of Canada shall be … applied so as to …

  • (bimpose or authorize the imposition of cruel and unusual treatment … 

Just sayin …


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